Mini Club

JJVA Mini Club

Mini Club is an instructional league from August through October for players ages 9 to 15. Coached by our National and Regional level club coaches, players develop athletic skill and volleyball technique in a fun and competitive environment. Local and regional match and tournament play is included in the Mini Club season.

PRACTICES: Monday & Wednesday
5:30-7:00pm (ages 10, 11 & 12)
7:00-8:30pm (ages 13,14 & 15)
August 14th through October 4th

5:30-7:30pm (ages 10, 11 & 12)
7:00-9:00pm (ages 13, 14 & 15)
October 9th through October 18th
We have extended these practices to make up missed practice time during Hurricane Irma.

COST: $450
Parents will sign the Mini Club Contract and set up payments during their practice time on Wednesday, August 16th.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay in full $450 on August 16th or set-up payments of $225 with first payment due August 16th and second payment due September 13th.

Setting Ducks Invitational – September 24th at JJVA
October 1st at Tallahassee
October 15th at Gainesville
Teddy Bear Challenge – October 21st at JJVA –Playing Bracket

*If you are unable to attend the Oct. 15th Informational Meeting for Youth National or Youth Regional Programs, please attend the make-up meeting for these programs on Wednesday, October 18th 6:30-7:30pm. Coach Mary Andrew will be conducting the meeting.

10 Julie 10 CJ 12 Candace 12 Jenni
Caelan Chesser Madelyn Banton Amber Bishop Emma Austin
Haydin Froehlich Hannah Hayward Ava Grall Juliet Daron
Paola Gonzalez Amaria King Addison Hendricks Leah Johnson
Noelle Kirkland Leeann Maysonet Abby Linkenheimer Cheyene Knapp
Avery Meide Ariel Ross Allison Green Madilyn Lewis
Bailey Montgomery Evie Rusilowicz Mary Alice Hartman Summer Moorer
Olivia Ryno Isabella Taveras Kaelyn Toukatly Zya Gibbs
Katya Sniriova Mollie VanDeusen Grace Clemons Camdyn Ratzlaff
Marissa Wright Avery Webb Anna Valickis Faith Speer
 Jaden Roberts Julia Fannin Nina TerKonda
13 Ashley 13 Luis 14 John  
Grace Albaugh Megan Focht Laura Mae Killingsworth
Alani Garcia Briella Gross Makenzie Albritton
Jenna Otts  Haley Leo Addie Brumm
Cali Rosberg Natalie Reyes Sadie Craddock
Victoria Trautman Kasey Casiple Zoe Parland
Viviana Vasquez Anna Carey Ella Scott
Claire Warner Madeline Phipps Jennifer Zeng
Mia Watson Emma Pichelmann Jeanie Escandor
Ally Cavanaugh Bella Smith Mallory Jones
Kirsten Harris Andrea Tehrani  Anya Reddy
Hana Hurdle Marquelle Whiteman
Klaire VanDeusen Sophia Edwards

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