Local Tournaments

One Day (Local) Tournament Information


JJVA Training Center 8457 Western Way Jacksonville, FL 32256

Upcoming Tournaments:
January 27, 2018

Ice Breaker Tournament

February 24, 2018

Mardi Gras Madness

PRINT February 25 2017 Marti Gras Madness-01






March 24, 2018

Net Threat

PRINT March 25 2017 Net Threat-01





April 28, 2018

Serve the Earth

PRINT April 22 2017 Serve the Earth-01




Registration:  $150 per team

Spot not guaranteed until payment received and confirmation email received from Assistant Tournament Director.

No roster required to register

Concessions available at our own Center Court Cafe


$5 Per Person (5 and under free) $1 surcharge for credit card


Please follow the below traffic diagram. Vehicles that are parked in no parking areas will be towed at owner’s expense.

JJVA Traffic Flow Map

Any questions, please contact our Asst Tournament Director Donna Beasley at 904-728-8288 or donna@jjva.com

**Note:  JJVA is a non smoking facility.  There is no smoking at all on the the grounds.  Additionally, no grills are allowed in the parking lot during any events.