Upper National

2018 JJVA Upper National Teams


Division Coordinator: Adis Imamovic

  • Season is December – July
  • Elite players ages 15 – 18
  • Training four days a week
  • Strength & conditioning included
  • Recruiting services included
  • Multiple weekend tournaments
  • Potential tournament locations – Orlando, Atlanta, Denver
  • Players are responsible for own travel expenses (transportation, hotel, food)
  • Recruiting Coordinator: CJ Sherman
  • Strength and Conditioning

2018 National Tournaments

Sunday Skill Sessions and Informational Parent Meetings
Players should come dressed and ready to play. One parent should attend each one of the Sunday Skills Sessions. We will discuss travel, tournaments, recruiting, training, paperwork and any other needs to make the 2017-2018 Season a success.
15N/16N from 3-5pm
17N/18N from 5-7pm
August 27, 2017
September 17, 2017
October 1, 2017

Regular Season skill sessions begin Monday, November 13th.
Regular Season practices begin Tuesday, November 14th.

All players and coaches are required to complete an online referee/scorer training clinic as part of their requirements to participate in USAV sanctioned tournaments.  This training component needs to be completed as soon as possible, but MUST be completed prior to attending the first USAV sanctioned event in January. The instructions to register and complete the clinic may be found at: Junior Referee Training LINK WILL REOPEN SOON FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON.

All players should complete modules FL17_101, FL17_103, FL17_104.
Successful completion of the online clinic will automatically be updated to your USAV membership record. If you would like to become a Qualified Referee, there are additional modules to complete. Contact the referee email for further instructions.
Please send any questions to the referee@jjva.com mailbox.  We will return your email within 24 hours

Team Name Head Coach Assistant Coach Practice Time
18N Team Rox  Ashley Monfort Tangela Ennis Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
18N Team Rox John Goings Jenna Crump Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
17N Team Rox Adis  Imamovic CJ Sherman Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
17N Team Rox  Nick St. Thomas Victor Rosario Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
16N Team Rox  Austin Lanteigne Robin Mignerey Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
16N Team Rox  Tara Sunquist Kara Lanteigne Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
15N Team Rox  John Alipio  Kamryn Sherman Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30
15N Team Rox  Luis Contessa  Lori Boyd Tue/Thu 7:30-9:30