Arm Care and Throwing Program

Throwing and Arm Care Program

The Edge “Welcome Back to Fall Ball”

Throwing and Arm Care Program

With Fall Ball right around the corner it is important that baseball players do things correctly in order to get the most out of their training and stay healthy on and off the field throughout the season. We have devised a 4 week throwing program to do exactly that!

Our 4 week program will teach athletes not only how to throw the ball more accurately and with more velocity, but teach them how to maintain that throughout the season with our main focus being arm health! Rest is an extremely important part of any athletes training regimen and being that summer ball has ended, most players have had some time to recover with some much needed time off. Good, but now it is time to get back to work! 

When a new season rolls around, players will need to “knock off the rust” so to speak, therefore our program is a developmental and gradual 4 week process in order to get our athletes accustomed to the rigors of a new season.

This program will include: A dynamic warm up in which each athlete will use to properly get loose, followed by a “Pre-Throwing” arm care phase where tubing and bands will be utilized in order to get the crucial parts of our shoulder firing in order to build strength as well as increase the health and longevity of our throwing arm. Next, the athlete will be introduced to the throwing program which will be broken down into different steps to gradually increase distance and speed. Once throwing has commenced, the athlete will then be taken through the “Post-Throwing” arm care phase, which bands and tubing will again be used. To conclude each week, the athlete will be taken through a conditioning phase in which we gain lower body and core strength.

This program is not just for pitchers, it is all for baseball players trying to gain an edge over the competition. Having the ability to throw the baseball with accuracy improving arm strength and staying healthy is our main focus. When all three of these components come together it is the path to building a well-rounded baseball player. As a coach, I emphasise the importance of having the ability to play multiple positions and having a strong and healthy arm is the main ingredient to that. The best ability is availability, therefore with this program each athlete will be giving themselves a far greater chance to ensure that they have a spot in the lineup!

4 Week program


Dates: New Clinic dates will be available soon!

Cost:  $200 4 Week Program* or $65 for a single day program

  • It is encouraged to complete the entire 4 week program

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm (90 Minutes)

Ages: 8-15