Team Fundraising

Welcome to the JJVA team fundraising page. Check back often for the most up to date information on ongoing fundraisers and team fundraising contests and events.


At JJVA, fundraising allows the club to provide financial support to those in financial need and to reduce costs to ALL of our athletes across the board. In fact, our goal is to one day be able to raise enough funds that all JJVA players can participate in our program with zero out of pocket expense. While we know this is a huge goal, with your help, we can start smaller, like aiming to raise enough funds to cover the costs of uniforms or tournament entry fees. Whatever the goal, we cannot achieve it without the help of our parents and athletes.

To assist, we have full time staff dedicated to helping fundraise so that JJVA can continue to provide world class coaching, programming and facilities to athletes throughout Northeast Florida and South Georgia. For any fundraising questions please contact


Glad you asked! JJVA is a Non-Profit organization that supports the growth of the sport of Volleyball. Our mission is to be able to afford any athlete the chance to play volleyball regardless of their ability to pay.  JJVA does not take any administrative costs out of these funds so that 100% of the funds raised go directly back to the athletes.


Each team has a fundraising goal of $1000 each season (less than $100 per player). After the $1000 goal is reached, any additional funds over this amount benefit YOU directly. Funds raised over the initial team goal will be credited back equally amongst team members and can be applied to uniform costs, training fees, camps, lessons….just about anything you would need at JJVA and is a great way to help offset training and competition costs!


Our full time fundraising staff is constantly looking for new and creative ways to help each team raise funds. They create, manage and track the fundraising for each team, all you have to do is participate! How easy is that?  Don’t see something your team is interested in? Then we welcome you to create your own fundraiser too.  Check back often to learn about the fundraisers you can participate in.


2021/2022 Club Fundraising Information coming soon.

ATHLETE BANNER PROGRAMYouth Rec League - Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association JJVAWith the support of these partners and sponsors, JJVA is able to Get Better Every Day and continue to provide world-class volleyball training to Jacksonville’s youth. We are extremely grateful for their support and urge each of  our JJVA families to support these partners in return.

Support our JJVA Athletes and the JJVA Financial Aid Fund: 
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