Mini Club

JJVA Mini Club

Mini Club is an instructional league from August through October for players ages 10 to 16. Coached by our Travel and Club Program coaches, players develop athletic skills and volleyball techniques in a fun and competitive environment. Some travel and local tournament play is included in the Mini Club season. Tournaments consist of one-day events within a two-hour drive.

Program Cost: $450

2022 Mini Club Season

**Parents: Please note that parents are welcome to attend and watch all training sessions and tournaments. However, parents will not be allowed onto the courts at any time and any “parent coaching” from the bleachers will not be tolerated. In addition, this program is designed to help promote and introduce athletes to the sport of volleyball. Our coaching staff is focused on player development with the goal of players learning to play volleyball with three contacts. This means that many of our games are not focused on the score or outcome of the game.**

Practice Schedule

Mini club practices will take place on scheduled Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday evenings. All practice dates and times are subject to change. Please see below for a breakdown of practices each month. All practices will take place at the Sports Edge Indoor Training Facility located at 8457 Western Way Jacksonville, FL 32256.

Practice MonthDatesPractice Times
August22, 24, 29, 316:30PM – 8:00PM
September7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 286:30PM – 8:00PM
October3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 196:30PM – 8:00PM
* All Dates and Times are subject to change

Tournament Schedule

Depending on age groups, some teams will travel to specific locations within a two-hour drive on tournament weekend dates.

Tentative Tournament Dates

September: 10, 24

October: 8, 22 (Championships)

Important Tournament Information

Each team that is playing will need to provide 1 parent to help at the score table and 1 parent to call lines. We will be using the simplified United League score sheet, so parents will not need to have any prior scorekeeping knowledge.

The tournament host will provide a “qualified” referee for each match. This person MUST wear black or navy pants and white polo. It is suggested that they use an electronic hand whistle. There will NOT be an R2.

Sanitized Warm up and game balls will be provided by host. DO NOT bring your own balls to facilities.

In most locations
AM Wave will start at 10:00 Am
PM Wave will start at 2:30 PM

Teams will play 3 matches that will consist of ONLY 2 sets to 25 points. They will NOT play a deciding game!
Teams will NOT shake hands at the beginning or end of the game and will NOT change sides of the court between sets.

USAV rules will be used for all divisions with the addition of the following for the 10 & Under ONLY.
Serving rules for 10 & Under ONLY
The server may move up to 1/2 court for their 1st UNDERHAND serve. For their 2nd consecutive serve, they MUST move back behind a 6-foot step in the serving line. ALL OVERHAND serves must be from behind a 6-foot step in line.

Liberos DO NOT have to wear an official UL jersey but MUST wear a contrasting color shirt. This can be a practice shirt, old jersey, etc.

For any comments or questions please contact Adis Imamovic at