Phase 1 Training Program

Phase 1 Training Details

While in this phase we have decided to provide only Small Group Training for our members. The main factor considered for making this decision is our athletes, coaches, and staff safety.

Our coaching staff will be restricted to work only some of the Small Group Training sessions to minimize the interactions for each coach and athletes. Once the coach has reached their maximum number of training sessions they will not be allowed to add more onto their schedule. Please do not put coaches into uncomfortable situations by asking them to add more sessions because they will not be approved to do so during this phase.

To make the environment safer, we have decided to use every other court to create even better spacing between individuals inside the training facility. For example, while we train on courts 1, 3, and 5 courts 2 and 4 will not be occupied. In addition, the coaches will wear face masks and design the drills with suggested safe distancing.

Session Details

Small Group Training is restricted to maximum of 4 athletes in the group at one time. The athletes in each group can choose their own group to train with, in which their families are most comfortable with during these unprecedented times.

Registration will be for twice a week training, one-hour sessions. Only one athlete should register online and inform the other participants in their group of the session time and dates that they are registered for. No payment will be processed until arrival for the first day of training. When choosing your group please take into consideration the level of play and skill that the athletes are interested in improving to allow the coach to maximize the learning and growth opportunities during these sessions.

The one-hour sessions are spaced out throughout the day. We have also scheduled a time in between each session to minimize any overlap. We ask the athletes to arrive and leave within 10 minutes of their scheduled session. During this time, the coaches will clean the equipment and wash their hands.


Payments will not be taken online. Payment will need to be made at the first training session or over the phone (904-854-2323). 

Payment methods: Credit on Account, Cash, Credit Card, or Pay with Funds


1 Athlete: $280 (4 Sessions Total) *If you chose a 1 Athlete Session we highly encourage that you register during the AM Session.

2 Athletes: $160 Per Athlete (4 Sessions Total)

3-4 Athletes: $120 Per Athlete (4 Sessions Total)

Click on the name of the coach to register for your twice a week, one hour training sessions.

AM Training Sessions (9:00 AM – 2:30 PM)

PM Training Sessions (3:00 PM – 8:30 PM)