Video & Statistical Analysis


The purpose of this program is to provide athletes with the ability to improve their volleyball knowledge, and make necessary changes to their gameplay by analyzing video and statistics specific to the player and the skills being performed. The analysis will be designed for each player individual or in a small group setting where video breakdowns, and statistical worksheets will be provided to each player based on the responsibilities/requirements of their specific position on the court. The objective is to further help athletes understand where they are performing at their best, as well as show areas that may need some improvement through a visual and numerical medium. Athletes will also gain an understanding of the statistical factors that coaches look for from any given player position on the court. Analysts will also show athletes what specific skills are being performed at the NCAA level in order to compare and contrast abilities and techniques. 

How it Works

Athletes may provide video from matches, practices, skills sessions, or lessons at no additional cost. They may also request that our analyst record any of the previously mentioned sessions for them. Our analyst will then take the footage recorded and breakdown each individual touch made by the athlete during any given part of the video. Our analyst will then schedule a session with the athlete to review the video that has been broken down, as well as provide statistical worksheets to show the athlete a numerical analysis of their skills. Each session will be one hour in length, with the option to purchase additional time. 


Video & Statistical Breakdown: $50

1-hour session: $50 (Includes personalized video and statistical worksheet review with our analyst) 

  • Add Additional half hour ($25)
  • Request Analyst to record a session ($50)

Check Out an Example of Data Analysis Here

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